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What our customers are saying

  • This is the best thing ever!! I have rheumatoid arthritis and have tried many medications. On my 5th day after starting this I felt better than I have in years!!! THANK YOU!!
    Joy Organics CBD Pills
    For Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • I received CBD Daily Intensive. I chose this product since I am bodybuilder and train hard. I utilized this for my sore muscles and strains. I cannot believe how soothing this cream was, and how quickly it relieved the pain in my pulled muscle. I have found my new favorite product for muscle aches and pains!
    CBD Daily Intensive
    For Sore Muscles
  • I hesitated to try Rosebud’s CBD oil because I had tried a different brand and not found much relief. The more I learned about CBD and the more I learned about Rosebud’s sourcing the more interested I became in trying again. I take a full dropper during the week, under my tongue on my way out the door. It helps with daily anxieties of working in an open office. My days are more pleasant, more productive. I definitely recommend Rosebud for anyone curious about trying out CBD oil.
    Rosebud’s CBD Oil
    For Anxiety

Who We Are

Why we are experts

Top Picks CBD specializes in—you guessed it—cannabidiol. Sporting an immense variety of beneficial qualities, CBD can have quite an impact on our day-to-day function. From relieving pain to clinically reducing anxiety and depression, there's seemingly no end to the rife advantages integrating CBD into your life can have. Our job at Top Picks CBD is to help you identify which products could be potentially useful and offer you an extensive catalog of varying items that can be introduced into your daily routine. Sporting a team that specializes in the unique effects of CBD, we're confident in our ability to bring you a product that will have an outstanding impact on your life.


Expert Knowledge in CBD Products

With an emphasized priority on bringing you the highest quality CBD products on the market, we pride ourselves on our fine-tuned expertise in the field of cannabidiol. Because of our proficient knowledge in the field of CBD and the myriad of beneficial effects it has on the human body, you can rest assured that Top Picks can provide products tailored to your specific needs. Our staff has spent extensive amounts of time analyzing and curating catalogs of only the finest products on the market.


100% Legal Industrial Hemp

Top Picks CBD believes in responsible sourcing and production, so you can be certain that we only provide items procured through 100% legal means. Because our industrial hemp is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, the beneficial traits of our promoted CBD products are ensured to be prominent in their desired effects. In addition to being entirely legal, we make sure that our hemp is also acquired through responsible practices and environments.


Purity & Safety Guaranteed

Because safety is one of our highest concerns, we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our promoted products are tested and ensured to be of the purest standard. Each and every item is inspected and guaranteed to be free of impurities and contaminants. Nothing but the utmost excellence can be found in our products.


90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Valuing the satisfaction of our customers above anything else, we firmly believe that you'll be happy with your purchase. However, if you're not 100% pleased with our promoted CBD products we will be happy to offer an effective 90-day money back guarantee.

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